Bupi mami

Bupi Mami Intimate Wash Gel

Tea tree oil together with lactic acid helps restoring the natural vaginal micro flora. It is suitable for everyday intimate hygiene. It does not irritate and dry the skin.

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Bupi Mami Firming Body Lotion

Provides deep skin hydration and flexibility. Natural oils are the source of antioxidants, thanks to which it has regenerative and firming effects. The lotion spreads and absorbs easily, not leaving an oily film on the skin.

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Bupi Mami Moisturising Shower Balsam with Exotic Flower Scent

Gently cleans and moisturises the skin when showering. Thanks to the excellent nourishing effects of the almond oil, leaves the skin velvety and flexible. At the same time, the almond oil minimises the loss of moisture. Provides the skin with smoothness, flexibility and refreshing fresh scent of exotic flowers.

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