Palma Group a. s. continues in the tradition of industrial production of vegetable oils and fats dating back to 1920. Gradual restructuring led to the present day form of the company.


OLEA and Lovosická a.s.companies

OLEA and Lovosická a.s.companies

The beginnings of industrial production of oils and fats date back to 1920 and they are associated with OLEA company based in Bratislava. After its dissolution it was replaced by Lovosická a.s. company.


Bratislava Joint-stock Company

After the WW II Bratislava Joint-stock Company aimed at the production of edible vegetable fats and oils became its successor in 1945.


Bratislava Fat Factories

Bratislava Fat Factories

After expropriation on January 1, 1946 a new entity was established - Bratislava Fat Factories, a state-owned enterprise comprising also Považská Vegatable Fat Factory in Nové Mesto nad Váhom.


Three Limes

After expropriation in 1948 Three Limes - Slovak Chemical Industry, limited partnership company based in Šenkvice was affiliated to the Bratislava Fat Factories, a state-owned enterprise.


PALMA fusion

A state-owned enterprise PALMA based in Bratislava was established in 1958 by a fusion of Bratislava Fat Factories, a state-owned enterprise and the companies PALMA Nové Mesto nad Váhom and PÓLIO based in Košice.

Bratislava Factory

Bratislava Factory

Bratislava Factory specialized in oil seed processing, production of semi-finished products and edible vegetable fats and oils, fats for wholesale customers and oil seed grist used as animal feed.

Nové Mesto nad Váhom Factory

Nové Mesto nad Váhom Factory

Nové Mesto nad Váhom Factory specialized in the production of soaps, laundry soaps, cleaners and detergents.

Šenkvice Factory

Šenkvice Factory

Šenkvice Factory was affiliated to Bratislava Fat Factories already in 1948 and it produced fats for compound feeds for feed and dairy industry and the edible oil filling plant started to operate here.



The facility producing vegetable oils and fats underwent the first refurbishment already in 1950-1953, another refurbishment started to take place in 1960. Refurbishment contributed to an increased edible oil production.




The first automatic line in Slovakia was installed in Palma Bratislava in 1965.


Palma Factories

Palma Factories

Palma comprised six factories: 01 - Palma Bratislava 02 - Palma Nové Mesto n. Váhom 03 - Palma Šenkvice 04 - Bratislava Cosmetics 05 - Hlohovec Cosmetics 06 - Levice Cosmetics

Market economy

Within a very short space of time there was a fast growing competition, decline of tariff and non tariff protection of the Slovak market, temporarily decreased economic growth of the Slovak economy and change in consumer behaviour.



Two cosmetic factories based in Bratislava and Levice emerged from the former state-owned enterprise. On October 1, 1991 the joint venture HENKEL - PALMA s.r.o. was established. The company is based in Bratislava and it produces cleaners and detergents.


PALMA-TUMYS Bratislava

PALMA-TUMYS Bratislava

The joint-stock company was established on December 27, 1991. Besides Bratislava Factory it comprised Šenkvice and Nové Mesto nad Váhom factory.

PALMA - AGRO Sečovce a.s.

Palma-Tumys a.s. Bratislava founded also the joint venture PALMA - AGRO Sečovce a.s. processing the basic raw materials i.e. rape and sunflower to crude oils further processed in the Bratislava refinery.


Technical development

Launching rapeseed oil methyl ester production, launching PET bottle production line, erection of fat pre-esterification facility, purchase of PMD premises .... The company received the Slovak Chamber of Commerce and Industry Honorary Certificate for business ethics.


Slavia Capital

In January 2008 the major and final step took place, the acquisition of the company PALMA - TUMYS a.s. Bratislava by SLAVIA CAPITAL Group. Consequently on July 1, 2008 a merger of PALMA-TUMYS a.s. Bratislava and PALMA Group a. s. took place and the company started to operate under a business name of PALMA Group a.s.



Today PALMA a. s. is a stable and strong organization maintaining the strong position on the Slovak and foreign markets. The company constantly innovates its portfolio, improves its sale, distribution and service system and presents itself as the best product supplier and the reliable business partner.