For family, with love

We have been proudly following our traditions since 1920. For generations, we have been a part of your household and we appreciate the values persisting for years. With love, we are bringing to your home everything that tastes, smells nice, brings a smile and joy of the togetherness. We take care that you had more time for your close ones.

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What's New

New Bupi products are recommended also by paediatricians

Bupi cosmetics is offered also by the Slovak paediatrician association.

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Smoke point when cooking

he smoke point is the temperature at which a cooking fat starts to burn and smoke when cooking. The smoke point refers to the temperature at which a cooking fat starts to smoke, its chemical degradation begins and the the substances harmful to our health are produced.

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Our Brands

Palma is a Slovak traditional brand, a major player mainly in the range of vegetable oils, margarines and baking fats, as well as in the range of cosmetics and children's cosmetics, with the following brands:

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