8ocho, Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Simply extraordinary.


Only in 8ocho, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, you can find the best from eight provinces of Andalusia, famous for their excellent olive oil. It is made exclusively by mechanical cold pressing. This premium oil does not contain any additives. It has extraordinarily low acidityunder 0.5% whereby 8ocho is classified as one of the best quality extra virgin olive oils.


Its unmistakable taste, fresh smell and beautiful golden colour will perfectly underline any dish. Turn even the most common menu to a luxurious gastronomic experience. All you need are a few drops of 8ocho.


Ocho [pronounced as ot͡ʃo] - means eight in Spanish.



8ocho, Extra Virgin Olive Oil is perfect for preparing both hot and cold dishes.


Smoke point:
180°C - 210°C 

Package size:
500 ml, 750 ml