Smoke point when cooking

What is the smoke point'?

The smoke point is the temperature at which a cooking fat starts to burn and smoke when cooking.

The smoke point refers to the temperature at which a cooking fat starts to smoke, its chemical degradation begins and the the substances harmful to our health are produced. 

Vegetable oils are used for cooking as well as for dressing.  Do you know what oil is best for cooking? When frying and roasting we should not exceed the temperature at which an oil we are using starts to burn and smoke.  At that moment the food we are preparing becomes harmful to our health too.  When roasting we can set the temperature at the level we need, however when frying the temperature of an oil in a pan can reach up to 180 or 200 °C. That's why it is important to choose the right oil.  Therefore oils with the smoke point higher than 200 °C are preferred.

Sunflower oil:  180 – 210 °C
Raciol sunflower oilHeliolOliol

Rapeseed oil:  190 – 230 °C
Raciol rapeseed oilRaciol - selected herbal oils

HOSO: 220 – 250  °C
a mixture of very oily sunflower oil and rapeseed oil

Extra virgin olive oil:  180 – 210 °C
Extra virgin olive oil Ocho 

You can choose oil suitable for cooking with the higher smoke point and also a delicious oil suitable for dressing adding the right flavour to your food from our range of Palma vegetable oils.